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Sandy Costa

Excellent value for money, outstanding vibe with the best management that goes out of their way to accommodate everybody. I love their Traditional Roasted Ham with thyme gravy and fresh garlic. Where else can you get succulent pig in a blanket, carrots roasted in fresh thyme and garlic, and the pancetta with chestnut, onion, sage and parsnips, and mashed potatoes better that here! Then their prices are excellent as well and the service and presentations excellent.


Andrew Parker

The best British beef burger I have ever tasted even though I went initially for the beer. Excellent value for money with a huge burger with smoke bacon and cheese and excellent triple fried chips.

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Joanne White

Excellent cheap beers on tap with a wide selection of drinks and food from the menu are the reason why it is the only pub I bring my friends to on a Saturday afternoon.

Monson Carton

This pub is without a doubt my favourite and will I ever go anywhere else than here after a long day at the office? The answer is simple, clear and obvious, definitely not! I love the vibe, the great beer on tap and I do not have to go home and cook with the wide selection on their menu.

Raja Patel

Incredibly pleasant tavern indeed. We moved to London recently and after trying out a couple of pubs we came across McKeevers Tavern and since the first time there we haven’t even tried looking for another place to eat, drink and have fun after work. Prices are excellent and the beer range is great and food excellent too!

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Henrik Parlay

The best table presentation when I asked for an intimate family table for eight people! The décor and food was exceptional and everybody raved about the menu choices and not to mention the delectable deserts. My family and friends are incredibly impressed by my choice of favourite tavern.

Oswald Peter

During my company’s last corporate meeting I was unsure how the guests would take to the vibe of a pub, however McKeevers did not disappoint. We had a lovely setting accommodating our party of fifteen corporates. Everybody complimented me on my venue choice, with a relaxed atmosphere and excellent food with even greater service at our own private bar.

Sandy Low

I held my small wedding reception at Mc and it was absolutely magnificent. We were only a small intimate party of fifteen and everything was perfect! My guests were offered welcoming cocktails and once in our dining area we were astonished by the attention to detail and care taken to make everything I wished for come true and they truly went above and beyond what was needed. The incredible food, excellent service and experience I had here will have me coming back more often for sure.